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“Hello. Where are you people coming from?”

Where, you ask? From out of the ground, obviously!

Except myself, of course.



When she heard his laugh Amara twitched, half tempted to steal a look at Caim and half tempted to run away for fear of what the male may be plotting. However she remained there, whether or not she would regret her decision she would find out soon enough. The witch’s lips curled into a frown and she scrunched up her nose so ever slightly; what the bartender had said was true. Indeed he had said near or far, not somewhere but there was no difference to Amara. Besides, she was still a bit upset about how he was kidding about kissing. “Hnn… Even so I rather you not joke around about that…. A-And same difference..!” She stuttered, trying to maintain her lofty manner. Though as always, Caim always found a way to change the tides.

“Because it would obviously please the masses, of course!”

“Masses? What are you talking abo—!!”

Though before Amara could even finish her sentence and even turn around all the way, she felt the sudden sensation of arms wrapping around her. In a matter of seconds, she was somehow afloat, causing the witch to panic. “P-P-Put me down Caim..!!!” She cried out, her internal alarms went off and she clung to the redhead’s head desperately. As much as she loved the sky, Amara was a bit frightened of being lifted up—much less, without warning—due to past experiences of being thrown up into the air as a child by the wizard and almost falling to the ground.

A devious brow was raised. What’s this? Was the little witch fidgety around such subjects? Caim looked amused at this revelation, which was actually a pretty obvious one. Having this strange “curse” and whatnot, he supposed it would make things unusual in that aspect. Still, he left the topic on an open end, satisfied that he had succeeded in his mission of lifting the flower skywards.

"Hahaha—!" Ignoring the flower’s arms around his head, clinging for dear life, the bartender spun in gentle circles, clearly very amused at the panic he was causing. "I’m not gonna drop ya, I promise!" He laughed in reassurance, going for another couple of rounds before he gradually slowed to a stop, but still didn’t let her down as he gazed upwards at her with a smirk. "Feeling tall yet? How’s the view up there~?"

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The witch stared at the redhead with disapproval written all over her face. She couldn’t honestly believe he said such things after telling her that her ‘prince’ was out in a faraway (or near) land. “Says the one who said to go get a kiss from my prince somewhere!” She huffed angrily.

“Besides why would I jump into your arms hmph…” Amara turned away from him haughtily, though her cheeks was slightly pink remembering the embraces she not only shared, but initiated with Caim. However she pretended to not have remembered so she wouldn’t hear the other’s teases.

His slightly opened arms were left vacant in his heroic splendor, the grin of a deviant plastered on his face as the witch eyed him ungraciously. Despite the rejection, he appeared unflinching, a laugh escaping his lips. “My, lil’ flower, I was only joking! Besides, I said he could have been near or far, not just ‘somewhere’”’

"As for why," It was rather easy to tell the bartender was up to no good, from the smirk on his face. In truth, he did not really know of a good reason that wouldn’t be breaking the fourth wall, so he went ahead and did so anyways. "Because it would obviously please the masses, of course!" The hidden masses, also known as roleplayers—Imeanwhat. And with that, Caim crouched slightly forward without warning, making a surprise attempt to wrap the witch’s tiny frame in his arms and lift her up into the air.

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She held her breath when the male smiled back at her and she turned slightly away to wipe her eyes again. “Ah s-sorry..just t-touched is all.” Amara murmured, trying not to worry the redhead even more. She thought she already shed all her tears but it turned out she was wrong—seeing his smile made her heart swell with happiness. Caim truly had moved the witch in more than just one way.

When her tears had dried, she looked back at the bartender before speaking. “…Do you remember when I first told you I was 24 years old?” she asked, not waiting for an answer really before she went on. “Well..I don’t blame you for not believing me at first since… This isn’t how I really look like. I-I mean, I did look like this when I was 16—17 maybe? But anyways that’s not point—well, I guess it kind of is but—” Amara paused when she realized that she stopped making sense since a few moments ago and blushed. “…Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you.” She tugged at the ends of her bangs, embarrassed.

Her embarrassment didn’t last long though for she cleared her throat, ready to continue. “Ahem, anyways… What I meant to say was that I only appear to be this way because I..I’m under an enchantment.” Amara told him at last, gulping. Although she was determined to finally share her secrets with someone, she couldn’t help but be nervous. What if he doesn’t believe me? Or worse—he thinks I’m lying..?! Such thoughts ran through her mind and she faintly trembled under the pressure. “Um… So do you b-believe me..?” The witch, unable to meet his eyes as she played with bangs once more.

Just touched, huh. Who would have thought a person like him would ever hear someone say that to him. He supposed it was one of the miraculous effects of staying in Silver Town. How was he to respond to such words, though? Fortunately, he was not so arrogant as to say, “you are most welcome for being bestowed such a feeling by a person like myself” or some horrible line that could surely earn a slap if spoken to a person with the right amount of sass. Instead, Caim held his tongue (for once), waiting almost awkwardly as the witch turned (a small act that made him somewhat grateful, if a bit down on himself for being unable to do anything) to wipe away her tears.

Eventually, breaking through his conflicted thoughts on what to say, she spoke, a seemingly random inquiry, that brought him back to the recent moment of when they were just strangers. Of course he remembered that time. Even if the rest of his memory was somewhat fuzzy that day, it was difficult to forget when he discovered that the child he had been teasing was not actually a child. The bartender could have interjected, but she continued speaking.

With her nervous rabbling, it was difficult to get a grasp on what she was trying to spill out. Something about ages, that was for certain, though if he recalled, most women were rather uptight about years. He watched her carefully, his brow slightly raised. Perhaps she was trying to gloat about her ageless appearance? Why she would gloat to him, he couldn’t put a reason to, because he could easily refute and say her young appearance causes people (namely him) to tease her.

"What I meant to say was that I only appear to be this way because I..I’m under an enchantment.”

The words finally spilled out of her mouth, and took a moment to register in the redhead’s mind. “An . . enchantment.” He repeated, an unknown tone in his voice, surely making it a challenge to figure out what he was thinking. He raised a hand to his chin in thought, staring past even the witch, as if held in place, blinking in surprise at this sudden revelation. It appeared that he missed her final question, not giving any definite response until his lifted hand curled into a fist, and he lightly smacked it into his open palm, like an inventor who had devised the ultimate idea.

"An enchantment! I see!" His shout was simultaneous to the action, and he waggled a finger in explanation. "Like in stories and fairy tales, naturally! I used to read those to my brother back in the day, ahahaha!" Reminiscing aside, the older male clapped his hands together, nodding, mostly to himself. "If that is the case, wouldn’t a kiss solve your problems!" He suggested, in such a nonchalant way that it was evident he didn’t think it would be misinterpreted. He paused, looking out into the forested horizon, a dramatic flare lit in his golden eyes.

"A kiss from your prince, somewhere out in the lands near or far!" With his ridiculous remarks, it was, as usual, a futile attempt to figure out whether he understood the reality of the witch’s current situation.

Obligatory “The king is still alive because he had to fake his death in order to escape the bounty placed on his head by rival kings,” post. ; 7 ;

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When he finally heard a response, the mayor reluctantly turned his head in the direction of the voice. He blinked in mild surprise seeing who the voice belonged to the bar owner. However he got over his shock and the grin he wore slowly turned into a smirk. “Fresh meat eh? I suppose you can say that… It’s a shame that I’m not the kind of meat that goes down easily.” Noctis replied, leaning against the wall. “Why, thank you. I must say, I was wondering if anyone here had any manners since I haven’t heard a single word of congrats except from you.” he sighed dramatically. Though when the redhead boasted of being the real mayor of Silver Town, he couldn’t help but laugh. “That was highly entertaining of you to say that Mr. Halentroy but last time I checked the town’s records, you’re simply the bartender.”

The smirk on his face remained, as if stating he already won this battle and daring the other to retort back. It would seem the day he spent remembering the town records and so forth didn’t go to waste after all.

Not the kind of meat that goes down easily? If there was a smirk on his face, and there most likely was, it only broadened to ante up to the new challenger that had appeared before him. That would only make things much more amusing. As the darker haired man leaned against the wall, Caim placed a hand on hip, the other moving to brush through his hair as he snerked. “No congrats, eh? Perhaps you haven’t proven yourself to them yet,” Exactly how one was supposed to ‘prove themselves’ to the townspeople was a question he didn’t answer for the male.

Upon hearing his family name, the redhead through a daunting look at the new mayor, thinking while stroking an imaginary goatee. “So you do know my name after all,” His shoulders shrugged, whimsically. “A bit rude, to pretend to not know someone’s name, wouldn’t you agree? . . Either way, dear friend,” He stopped, holding out an index finger pointedly, waving it back and forth like an upsidedown pendulum. “I may actually be a bartender, but that is only what the records want you to believe. A secret is to be kept secret, you see, even among official records.”


Heh heh, sorry but I don’t want to risk too much for this little guy!

You’re right there, Caim! A place where he can uh…brag with all the other birds. Assuming he’ll ever leave us… Hmm… How about in the place between the inn and the bar? The bar? At least that way he gets the…excitement of the bar without getting into it and the excitement of the inn~.

Hm, a place between the inn and the bar . . So basically, the lobby! -crosses arms and nods- Yes, that sounds appropriate enough! As much as I wish him to be with me at all times, even I would not like for him to be in the bar. Tsk. And he’s sure to bring in the visitors with his dazzling feathers, buaha.


As she wept, she could feel his warmth and strength through his hold. It was reassuring to know that while she was in despair, she was supported by his hug. Once she stopped shedding tears and calmed down, she was free of his embrace, an action she was unsure if she liked or disliked it. Though the feeling was ignored when the redhead took it upon his liberty to inspect her. Blinking, the witch was about to question the gesture when her eyes met his.

The mouth she sought to open remained shut as she was held captivated by his golden eyes. Instead, Caim spoke, his words coming off as surprising. Did she really had Silver Town’s aid when in the past years they were frightened of her? Amara didn’t ask. It was peculiar how the man said things that made her want to trust in him and his statements. Closing her eyes, she broke off their connection as she contemplated over his words.

“You have us—the whole town, and . . You have me.”

Somehow, she found that she wasn’t shocked hearing what the bartender had to say after all. In fact, it was more stunning that she already had deemed his words to be true in her heart. Though she wondered why, it was quite a simple reason really. The witch just wanted to have faith in somebody again—and that person was Caim. Fluttering her eyes open, she answered, “I know, I know.”

Amara flashed him a sincere smile that for once, in a long time, emitted confidence. Perhaps it was time for her to tell someone—heck, possibly even the whole town—about her curse. ”I have one final thing to tell you Caim..will you hear me out?” she asked, her eyes once more staring into his own. Now someone will finally know her secret, the true knowledge behind her appearance. The spell that avia cast on her.

After he had said what he had to, the witch broke eye contact, and his gaze shifted down slightly, in what might have been disappointment. In himself, or in the other, it was difficult to tell, but he felt unsure of whether he made any impact whatsoever. Rolling up a newspaper in his mind, the barkeep mentally swatted himself on the head with it, as if he had not abused himself enough for the day.

His silent grimacing done, the flower reopened her eyes to look back to him, speaking once again, her voice sounding much calmer, and much more confident than it had sounded only moments ago. At this, Caim breathed a sigh of relief.

Her smile, on the other hand, had caught him off-guard, the older male blinking in moderate surprise, but at the same time, felt an assurance that really meant she was now okay. He returned the smile gently, slowly nodding in response to her question, unknowing of the mystery about to be revealed to him. “I’m all ears.”

A lot of your subjects started following you


The corners of his lips twitched, failing to mask his amusement. “Oh~? I don’t seem to remember becoming acquainted with any of you…” Noctis stated, obviously enjoying the attention he was receiving from his lessers. “So..mind introducing yourself to your new mayor~?” he smiled warmly, waiting for his answers.

The bartender raised a brow in challenge, a grin spreading on his face. “Oh? So you’re the fresh meat mayor, are you?” He crossed his arms, as the haughty spark in the darker-haired male’s eyes only seemed to add to the cinders in his own. “First, I must congratulate you on your sudden gain of status, for having simply arrived without word or notice. However, I request your name before I dare give you mine, as I am the true mayor of this town.” As per usual, the redhead was only putting on a farce, but when the opportunity rose to toy with others, there was no doubt he would be the first to have at it.


Silence was the only response to her question and added to her uneasiness; she felt responsible for creating such an atmosphere and almost regretted dragging the male into her troubles. Almost. Indeed, she felt guilty for making the redhead uncomfortable, thus making him try to comfort her but she disliked the thought of being alone again even more. Amara knew it was selfish of her to do such a thing but she couldn’t help it. His presence was reassuring to have around, which was rare for the witch due to her mistrust of others.

Ah..how selfish of me, she thought as she looked down at her hands, maybe that’s why avia did this to me… The thought made her cringe and the frown on her face become more apparent. Amara never did knew why avia would cast a spell on her, much less, cursed her to stay in her teenage form for Goddess knows how long. She didn’t like it, not one bit. Not knowing the reasons why she was like this and questioning her own beloved grandmother she trusted so dearly.

A chill ran down her back and the witch shivered slightly. It was scary how being left in the dark for so long could cause her to be dubious of even the one she loved. Upon hearing the redhead’s voice however, she felt the sudden coldness disappear. Because you’re here now, she ran the phrase over repeatedly in her mind. The witch felt his grip on faintly hardened and she remained quiet as she listened to his reasoning.

It wasn’t before long until she connected what Caim said and one by one, the tears that ran down her cheeks hit whatever it contacted. “That’s..that’s no fair.” she managed to choke out, struggling to find her voice. It’s no fair. How can you say those words so easily..?! How come you always find the words I yearn to hear the most..?


“I-If you say it like that I..”

Why is it that when you say it, I…

”..I want to believe I am too.” Amara whispered, finally returning the hug as she cried. Her fears, her sadness, they all seemed to disappear with each tear she let out. Slowly, the pain in her chest was fading away and there was only one person she could thank— “T-Thank you Caim..thank you so much.”

The bartender exhaled a slow, small breath. While he was visibly fine for the most part, if one didn’t count the pained look upon his expression, internally he was struggling to keep a cool head. He knew by having to pause and think about what he was going to say, he was making the situation worse, and perhaps even awkward—maybe enough to make her believe he couldn’t be relied on. That thought made him irate, not at her, but at himself, for being a fool unable to handle a measly problem like this.

His own childhood was riddled with problems, but none that were of any significance. Fights and pointless bickering; as any growing kid would have thought, he believed himself invincible, and able to withstand anything that anyone threw at him. Yet here he was, a grown man, still holding the on to his childish dreams, incapable of facing a young woman’s tears.

After a moment, he could feel the tiny witch trapped in his arms shiver slightly, but he did not think to let go. There was still an anxious silence after he had spoken, but he soon felt her stray tears hit the fabrics of his clothes, and refusing to stop. Caim immediately wanted to retract his words and punch himself, grimacing hard as if he had. Goddess damn it! Look what you did! He cried at himself in anguish. Making her cry even more, you fool!

”..I want to believe I am too.”

The older male blinked slowly, golden eyes flickering with hidden concern, whether the witch could see or not. Shortly after, she completed the embrace, and he still held on to her for a frozen moment, until he felt that it would be okay. That she would be okay now.

“T-Thank you Caim..thank you so much.”

He nodded silently, mostly to himself, and finally, gently released her from his hold, taking a small step back to have a better look, as if to be certain that she was all right now. He had his doubts, but knelt down slightly, to meet the flower’s eyes directly with his own. “. . You don’t have to carry it alone anymore.” He started, fighting for words. “You have us—the whole town, and . . You have me.”


Perfectly perfect my ass! Just don’t do anything stupid, ok?

*sigh softly* Thank you. *grins at the bird as it chirped* Maybe another time when the guy’s on vacation or something. I’m sure he wouldn’t miss a bit of it gone. But even then you need to be careful. Anywho! Let’s set this little guy up!

. . Ouch. Have a bit more confidence in me, now!

Every growing young lad—er, birdling needs to have a riveting childhood to brag about to all the other fledglings! Either way, yes, let’s! His abode must be set up in the best place imaginable, yes. -nods and thinks- Where would that be …

the-teacher-of-silver-town sent: Ugh... you?

-blinks questionably-

Why, yes, yes it is I. Do you have a problem with that, whoever you are?


Good. Glad you agree. 

*she shrugged* Hey, what can I say. I’m a bit worried. *raises an eyebrow at him* Should I be worried about that…? I may not want to know.

Oh geez. I should really stop putting my foot in my mouth before I say anything… How about we not steal from this guy and just buy the bird seeds. Someone in town’s gotta sell it or we can slip into the city and get some. Better than stealing it, getting in trouble, and destroying this place’s reputation.

A bit worried? Non, non, there is no need! I am perfectly perfect!

-crosses his arms in thought- Fine, fine. We’ll obtain our seeds the old-fashioned, boring way, then. -pets the tiny bird apologetically- Sorry Dranzer, kiddo. No action-packed meals until you’re older.


Hey! That just makes me want to win more! I am not giving up my hard-earned cash! \laughs and scratches the back of her head\ 

Hmm…. I haven’t got a clue.

-smirks- Well then.
It would appear we are both without much of a clue!

Perhaps we will have to take a rain check on our duel and do something even less productive!