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such a mood-swinging kamidere.
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For the entire day, I was doing battle with a virus. Unfortunately, I lost, and my computer couldn’t handle it, so it suicided on me. I’m only on right now by a miracle. =w=

Anyways, I’m not going to put myself on hiatus, because I believe I’ll be back by tomorrow or the next day, but just letting you guys know. In compensation, have this sketch of chibi!Caim that I drew and never finished a couple of days ago, lol. lD

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and for my 3ooth post. we get utter stupidity.
I mean Caim in bartending uniform wtf.

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Fail sketching. Featuring Caimara and Solid Xane. -snort-
lol. Been a while since I’ve drawn something.

And yes, yes I do call the flower-eating ship Caimara. Because chimeras (lolwat).

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Aand 35 Expressions part three. ( one & two )
You know you’re drawing too much when… lol, my accursed chibi style started showing now. -sob-

Imagine if Caim was really a kid… I feel like everyone would adore him at first, but then he’d end up getting dropkicked into the river.

- - - - -

Surprised: “Wait, what?! Huh!” ( Too bad that wasn’t the case with Sieffre. )
Complicated: “Er, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. -nods- Whether you’re going to believe it is up to you, but would I ever lie to you?”
Anticipation: “Did you say markers … ?! “
Scheming: “Hahaha! I got this, don’t worry.” ( Again, unrelated quote seems unrelated. )
Sneering: “Is that all you’ve got?” ( Probably also his taunt face. )

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35 Expressions, Part dos! Numero uno es aqui.
Already, I’m getting pretty lazy with this. But guys. The expressions in this meme. Are so depressing. This is anguishing. And if you’re like me, and have a tendency to make the same face that you’re attempting to draw, it’s even worse. OTL

- - - - -

Bluffing:Alex, I really am the mayor.” (Nope, I think I drew it wrong. lD)
Suffering: “… nn.” ( I can’t really imagine who could cause Caim to make these faces. You would be. The ultimate villain. Or rather, good guy? )
Despair: “There’re NO MORE MARKERS . . !?” ( Sorry, had to. lD; Caim to me seems like the kind of person who’d be in denial. )
Worried: “Hm . . I don’t believe you. And when I don’t believe you, you’re lying." ( Unrelated quote seems unrelated. )
Contempt: “It’s over. Your life. Now.” ( Here’s lookin’ at ye, Ryan. loljk. )

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( click dat high-res! ) Decided to do the 35 Expression Meme with Caim to practice and get reaction icons, woo! /brick’d. Sorry for my inconsistency. xD

- - - - -

Happy: "I’ve had my fun today~" ( I really like how this turned out—DATSMILE. caim, you should be nicer so you can flash it around. )
Angry: “So you’re telling me you want to die. >8C”
Miserable: “Wh.. That teach won’t give me markers. ;^;”
Hurt: “I’m just gonna leave now.”
Crying: "A king is not supposed to cry! You are not permitted to see. >:|" ( yeah, nope. I don’t think he cries. lD )

In a pretty loopy mood, guys. /brick’d.

Not sure what you wanted, lol.

But you can’t truly fight evil without a cool maid sidekick! djkslfjdl.

Sketchin’ some ABK designs, roflfolfol.

someone get the markers away from him.

guys. i think i—i mean, caim is having too much fun with this.

a barbarian king.

As promised to the fair book chick down at the library, I have written a story, a brilliant fairy tale! Hahaah—! I shall graciously let you have a peek.

"Care for a drink? 
No? Then it's mine.
And going on your bill."

( so, i was trying to think of a new character. but then caim got in the way, orz. got really lazy halfway in, lol, what is colouring and fashion design.  )