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As she wept, she could feel his warmth and strength through his hold. It was reassuring to know that while she was in despair, she was supported by his hug. Once she stopped shedding tears and calmed down, she was free of his embrace, an action she was unsure if she liked or disliked it. Though the feeling was ignored when the redhead took it upon his liberty to inspect her. Blinking, the witch was about to question the gesture when her eyes met his.

The mouth she sought to open remained shut as she was held captivated by his golden eyes. Instead, Caim spoke, his words coming off as surprising. Did she really had Silver Town’s aid when in the past years they were frightened of her? Amara didn’t ask. It was peculiar how the man said things that made her want to trust in him and his statements. Closing her eyes, she broke off their connection as she contemplated over his words.

“You have us—the whole town, and . . You have me.”

Somehow, she found that she wasn’t shocked hearing what the bartender had to say after all. In fact, it was more stunning that she already had deemed his words to be true in her heart. Though she wondered why, it was quite a simple reason really. The witch just wanted to have faith in somebody again—and that person was Caim. Fluttering her eyes open, she answered, “I know, I know.”

Amara flashed him a sincere smile that for once, in a long time, emitted confidence. Perhaps it was time for her to tell someone—heck, possibly even the whole town—about her curse. ”I have one final thing to tell you Caim..will you hear me out?” she asked, her eyes once more staring into his own. Now someone will finally know her secret, the true knowledge behind her appearance. The spell that avia cast on her.

After he had said what he had to, the witch broke eye contact, and his gaze shifted down slightly, in what might have been disappointment. In himself, or in the other, it was difficult to tell, but he felt unsure of whether he made any impact whatsoever. Rolling up a newspaper in his mind, the barkeep mentally swatted himself on the head with it, as if he had not abused himself enough for the day.

His silent grimacing done, the flower reopened her eyes to look back to him, speaking once again, her voice sounding much calmer, and much more confident than it had sounded only moments ago. At this, Caim breathed a sigh of relief.

Her smile, on the other hand, had caught him off-guard, the older male blinking in moderate surprise, but at the same time, felt an assurance that really meant she was now okay. He returned the smile gently, slowly nodding in response to her question, unknowing of the mystery about to be revealed to him. “I’m all ears.”